Monday, 22 March 2010


Not for the last time (I think), not much has happened in the last month. I've dismantled the boards to fit the cross-braces to the legs, and in the process discovered that taking the layout apart at the baseboard joins is difficult. This is partly to do with the tightness of the bolts (M10 size) in the (10mm) holes, and partly the length of the bolts (a tad too short). So I'll take the opportunity to widen the holes slightly, use washers glued to the board ends to ensure alignment and have bought some longer bolts. Track alignment will be maintained by the brass cabinet makers dowels already fitted.

Also taking the opp to reconsider the track plan (oh no!). Currently most of the viewable track is on the straight with a curve at the ends to get it back into the fiddle yard. But now I'm thinking it might be better if the whole length is on a gradual, large radius curve.

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