Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Another mistake, or when not to use PVA

All the books, all of them, say to use PVA to stick down your track, if you're not using track pins (which IMHO) look ugly. So board one track was laid, wired and tested. Trains ran! To compete a circuit I temporarily pinned some rack to the rear of the board.

Then I noticed that when the loco ran over the temporary track it was nice and quiet, but the stuck down track was noticeably loud. Of course this is actually a well-known issue with PVA, as it sets solid and transmits sound. What to do? Start again by lifting the track, or soldier on?

In the end I decided that, at this relatively early stage, it's best to do it properly, so I've lifted all laid track (sob!) and am now sticking it down with Copydex, a Latex based flexible glue. Hopefully that will work more quietly.

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