Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Layout inspirations 3 - Basingstoke

Basingstoke by Farnham and District MRC

Viewed at Farnham & District MRC Show 2009
Featured in Railway Modeller Oct 98, Model Rail Oct 2000 and Hornby Magazine March 2009
Web page: http://www.farnhammrc.org.uk/basingstoke.htm

I finally managed to see Basingstoke after having read about it in various publications and references to it (mainly from Noel Leaver) on the Yahoo N Gauge forum. It's long - 28ft or so - which shows off the pluses of n gauge very well. Full length trains moving at scale speeds - the effect that I'm after.

I took some pictures. Stupidly I only took a telephoto lens with me, which meant that most of the photos have a tiny depth of field (and that therefore much of the picture is out of focus). Should have listened to my wife...

More (and better)pictures are here courtesy of Mike Boydon. Also here courtesy of the N Gauge Society (of which I am a member).

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