Sunday, 13 September 2009

The International N Gauge Show 2009

Yesterday I took the family to the International N Gauge Show 2009 in Leamington Spa. First impression was that there were fewer layouts and traders than previous years. But very busy from an attendance point of view.

The only thing I bought was a LMS 0-6-0 Jinty body for £1 from the Bachman stand. Bargain, since one sold on eBay for £25 back in June. I have an ancient crimson one that I was planning to sell but may use the new body and convert it to DCC - a low priority though.

One big word of advice to operators - run more trains. The number of times I stood for (what seemed like) ages waiting for a train. Something moving. Anything. I know it was probably like this in real life, but please speed things up behind the scenes for us paying punters, even if it's some shunting action. 

If the TINGS organisers are listening, let's have a decent show programme next time. An A4 sheet listing the traders and exhibitors is not enough - we need a map/plan showing where everyone is. The exhibitors were not named, just the layouts so it was sometimes hard to know who was exhibiting. Most club exhibitions do better, so why not TINGS? End of rant.

Usual mix of steam and modern eras, and between British and foreign settings. For me the most impressive layouts were Alston, Grange-over-Sands, Horsted Keynes, Rorgyle and Temple Dean. Disappointingly, my camera battery failed and so resorted to my phone to take pictures - not ideal. I'm sure more and better picture will appear or other sites.

Here are my efforts...

Alston, by (unknown)


Grange-over-Sands, by (I think) Blackburn and East Lancs Model Railway Club

Horsted Keynes, by Alan Brewster


Rorgyle, by Brant Hickman


Temple Dean, by Warley MRC

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