Thursday, 10 September 2009

My best investments to date

Without question, the best source of information on N gauge is… the Yahoo Groups n gauge forum. This must be most knowledgeable bunch of guys (and ladies), and they’re just gushing out useful tips and titbits from their vast experience. It costs me the grand some of zero pence to subscribe and read their secrets. They have some entertainingly silly arguments about the precise weight of a lump of coal and exactly how long is a fireman’s shovel. Keep it up chaps (and ladies). I've been lurking on the group for a while now but may enter the discussion actively when I've got some sensible questions to ask (and something to offer in return).

The second best investment to date is membership of the N Gauge Society. £23 including ring binder and joining fee. I’d been seesawing on whether or not to join – I’m not a great club joiner. But the first issue of the society journal arrived, and it featured an LMS layout – Springdale. Wow. Envy. And it was built 30 years ago. More please, editor.

The Society also seems a place to collate information on what products are available. It’s just a tad out of date. But the volunteers that run the society probably have better things to do than update lists…

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