Friday, 25 September 2009

Layout Inspirations 1 - Bishop Wearburn

Bishop Wearburn by John Spence
Featured in Railway Modeller, October 2004 and Hornby Magazine October 2008
Viewed at Southampton MRS Show 2009

Picture (c) Nick's Railways

These layout inspirations are in no particular order, nor have I necessarily even seen them in person. But in each case there’s something (or often several things) that inspired me to have a go, perhaps even emulate one day. It's purely a personal, subjective token of admiration and envy.

In the case of Bishop Wearburn, the double track main line, sweeping curves over 20’ and the bridge all encapsulate what’s possible in N gauge. I read the feature in the first Hornby mag I bought (“N gauge and Hornby – surely some mistake?”) and made sure I made it to Southampton to check it out. I was the bloke who just watched the trains go by for 20 minutes at the end of the show. John was operating and is very approachable, giving me tips on baseboard construction (“If building a loft layout make sure you build it in sections – you will want to move it one day…”). Thanks for that, John, and for tolerating the sad chap spotting your trains.

More pictures are here courtesy of Mike Boydon.

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